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 Awaken to Your
Healthiest Life

Working with Heidi literally changed my life. Through powerful questioning

and deep listening, she helped me examine some of the old mental stories that were keeping me stuck."

- DEB MARKLAND, 53 years old

Through skillful inquiry, compassionate reflection, and enthusiastic support, Heidi O’Neil helps people of all ages and backgrounds overcome feelings of "stuckness" in their lives. She's a board certified Health & Wellness Coach who inspires her clients to find the courage and resolve to put themselves first and make the lasting changes they desire.

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Many of us are taught to believe in the idea that “one size fits all’ – one diet, one exercise regimen, one stress reduction tool. We are also taught that willpower is what is needed to be successful. My health coaching practice is built around the idea that every person is unique. Your experiences, your preferences, your schedule, your support system and your environment are yours alone, and therefore, the path to transformation will be unique to you.


I never in my life had heard of a 'Health & Wellness Coach.'  

Then, I met Heidi O'Neil. I signed up to work with her and have had an

absolutely wonderful trip. We have gone places in my life that I had not thought

of or had neglected. It has been exhilarating to unlock happiness and peace.

Heidi is a blessing."

- WP BONE, 80 years old

Is there evidence that coaching works? YES!
According to a recent study by
Harvard Medical School, "Coaching is effective for people managing a variety of health conditions." Whether your intention is to lose weight, sleep better or declutter your living environment, Heidi can help you move toward your most aligned and vibrant life.​


"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."


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